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Нет постера к фильмуwe own the night
director: J.Gray
status: filming
release: 2007
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Нет постера к фильмуwithout remorse
director: J. Singleton
status: in negotiations
release: 2007
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name: Joaquin Rafael Phoenix
date of birth 10/28/1974
place of birh Puerto Rico
height 5'8"
eye color green
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We are great to see you at Russian Fan Site devoted to amazing american actor Joaquin Phoenix. Our main purpose is russian-speaking audience, but anyway you can find some interesting information and know something new about Joaquin. If you want to help me with my english part of site, feel free to contact me or leave the message at the guestbook.
New Gallery on the site!!!!
Now you can see all the best Joaquin Phoenix photos in our comfortable and functional gallery. Enjoy!
Updated 06/22/2006
Phoenix fights for new Dogs Law
Joaquin again took took part in campaign for animal rights. This time he wants to stop cruel practice of chaining dogs, is saying.
"Actor JOAQUIN PHOENIX is spearheading a new campaign to ban the chaining of dogs in California. The WALK THE LINE star has teamed up with animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) and penned letters to every top California politician, asking them to support a new bill, which would make attaching chains to dogs a state offence. In his heartfelt letter, Phoenix points out, not only does chaining lead to lonely suffering for dogs, it also presents a very real danger to people, especially children who wander into the area where dogs are kept chained. He writes, "Life at the end of a chain is miserable. Senate Bill 1578 would give animal control officers a much-needed tool to help protect our canine companions from long-term neglect and our communities from dog attacks, a problem that has engendered increasing public concern in recent years." In a recent report, America's Centers For Disease Control And Prevention has found that chained dogs are nearly three times more likely to attack people than dogs who are not kept chained. A PETA spokeswoman says, "In 2002, chained dogs killed more children between the ages of one and nine than did falls from playground equipment or trees and fireworks accidents combined, and they killed as many kids as did gun accidents."
You can know more about this campaign and how to get involved here.
Updated 06\20\2006
New gallery coming soon
Now I'm working at Coppermine Photogallery for my site, so you will see many photos of Joaquin very soon =)
Updated 06/19/2006
Details about "We Own The Night"
Very interesting article about Joaquin's next movie - "We Own The Night" - is available now in internet. If you speak French you can read it here or you can find an english translation here.
Updated 06/16/2006
Chrysalis 5th Annual Butterfly Ball
Chrysalis Annual Butterfly Ball took place yesterday, June 10th. Joaquin was one of the guest. Here is some information:
"The Chrysalis Butterfly Ball is a premier Hollywood fundraising event held at a private estate honoring top executives/artists in film, television, and music and attended by entertainment executives and celebrities. There is a VIP reception, followed by a celebrity fashion show, dinner, Butterfly Ball Honoree awards and Chrysalis Client of the Year, musical entertainment and dancing. This event sells out every year and last year raised $1.1 million." (Official Chrysalis Website's info)
Updated 06/11/2006
MTV Movie Awards 2006
If you live in Germany or have satellite TV you can watch MTV Movie Awards 2006 on german MTV on these days:
June 9th at 21:00
June 10th at 13:30
June 11th at 11:30 and 19:00 (all time is german)
Well, it's very good that there are some reruns early in the morning, 'cause from the one side I can't miss this event, but from the other side I also can't miss World Cup 2006 which starts today!!! ;))
Updated 06/09/2006
Summer got married
Today we have kind of strange news ;) Summer Phoenix, younger sister of Joaquin, got married to Casey Affleck. Well, I've been thinking they are already married. Anyway, it's wonderefull. You can read about that here.
Summer and Casey
Updated 06/06/2006
English version of site
Today english version of Joaquin Phoenix Russian Fan Site starts working for those who doesn't speak russian. You are all welcome! :) Some sections of site are still under construction, 'cause I don't have enough time, but I hope to finish it soon.
Updated 06/05/2006
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